18.08.2018 - Introduction to Permaculture in English

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18.08.2018 - Introduction to Permaculture in English

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Jedinečná příležitost - víkendový úvodní kurz v angličtině v Praze. Podrobnosti na:  www.akademiepermakultury.cz/course/introduction-to-permaculture

In this course we will go through permaculture ethics and principles, we will learn a specific mindset inherent to permaculture - observant creativity. We will learn how observation of natural patterns of water, fire, soil, animals and vegetation can help us to create a better and more ethical habitat for people.

In this short introductory course we will provide an overview of permaculture design - what are the main tools and what are the possibilities. Also we will see a practical example of a small city garden designed to provide many functions - growing food, relaxation and children's playground.

The course is designed to benefit anyone interested in permaculture, community and growing food.