Slovak prepositions in use         

In this article you will find some meaning of basic prepositions.You also can see which prepositions goes with which case.


+ accusative

Cez  across, through   Prešiel cez ulicu.                                     Prešiel cez tunel

                                      He crossed the street.                         He went through the tunnel.

Pre for ( sake, benefit of)            To je pre mňa                         Nevidím pre tmu

                 For, because of              This  is for me                      I can´t see for the dark.


+ genitive    

Bez    without         Pijem kávu bez cukru

                                I drink coffee without sugar.

Do  into, to             I am going to/into town

                                 Idem do mesta.

Until, till                  Zostanem tu do januára.

                                  I´ll stay here till January.


+ dative

K, ku    toward, to  Ideš ku kostolu.

                                 You go to church.

  To( as far as)              Ako sa dostanem k Dunaju?

                                         How do I get to Danube ?

To( Idem k tete.

                               I am going to my aunt´s.

+ locative

Na  on  Kniha leží na stole

             The book is lying on the table.


Medzi between       Medzi oknom a stolom

Between the window and the table.

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