As I have been learning more about Holistic Management the past years, I'm getting more and more convinced it would be the ideal approach to gain a profit from the 10 hectare land trust PermaLot owns in Bouzov Svojanov. However we now live in Norway.

We offer free use of 10 hectares of land in Bouzov Svojanov to someone wiling to do holistic management with sheep grazing. -A herd of 25-40 sheep is likely optimal.
The land is ideal for the purpose with plenty of shade under an orchard canopy. Additional income from apple harvest is possible.
You would need to supply your own sheep, mobile fencing and temporary living arrangement in Bouzov Svojanov. There's a well on the property and possibility for electricity/internet.
Basic thing is: We supply the land, you do everything else and gain the profit from it.

We expect you to be mature and responsible, as well as knowledgable about the Alan Savory approach to Holistic Management.

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Tak tos tomu dal pekne na ... :))) Ale tomu jednomu dnu to asi odpovida. Jaks tam prosim te resil pristresi? ja bych na kazdodenni prehaneni nemel cas, rano prehnat ovce, prenyst nadrz s vodou a hura do prace.

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